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This simple and stunning tiara is the perfect accessory to your classic wedding. Rhinestones sparkle throughout the intricate design, making this piece a beautiful finishing touch to your bridal hairstyle. The ornamented portion of the piece measures approx 20.3cm wide and approx 2.5cm tall.

Design Width:  20.3cm wide. Height: approx 2.5cm tall

Matching necklace and earring set available, and jewellery set available with tiara

Price: $79.95
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TIANA (STT-8265)

A classic display of bridal beauty, this Swarovski and rhinestone detailed tiara will dazzle with its eye-catching and intricate design. Perfect for the classic or modern bride.

The ornamented portion of the band measures 7″ wide and 1″ tall.

**Also available: Matching Jewellery Set (STS-8265)



Price: $89.95
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